Rheem Unveils Largest Consumer Campaign in Its Nearly 100-Year-History

Work Was Spearheaded by Brand Experience Firm Goods & Services

Atlanta GA, June 14, 2022** - Rheem, America’s #1 water-heating brand has unveiled its largest consumer-facing campaign in its nearly 100-year-history. Rheem partnered with brand experience firm Goods & Services to launch a digital and television campaign to engage homeowners across America.

The pandemic has fundamentally altered the way Americans interact with their homes. Hot water usage has increased by an average of 21% due to increased home activities such as cooking, washing dishes, and showering. This increased usage means more wear and tear on the products that supply hot water.  Homeowners have also become more engaged with researching and specifying their water heater purchases as part of increased investments in the home overall.

These changes in behavior led Rheem to rethink its marketing efforts. Rheem engaged Goods & Services to create a dynamic digital and television campaign to educate consumers about Rheem and its products. The Goods & Services team led strategy, creative ideation and development, production, and delivery for all campaign deliverables.

“The opportunity to work with Rheem on a brand-defining consumer campaign was an incredible experience for the Goods & Services team,” said Alexa Dziak, client lead for Goods & Services. “This partnership allowed us to design a dynamic brand story and bring it to life in ways that will resonate deeply with homeowners across the country. Rheem is an American-legacy brand, and we were able to take its rich history and apply it to a modern experience.”

The Goods & Services team partnered with Rheem to launch a new campaign, Comfort since 1925 and Counting, to highlight the brand’s track record of providing everyday comfort, innovation, and efficiency to consumers. This campaign demonstrates the long-lasting, innovative, and trusted water heaters that Rheem has to offer and underscores their reputation for quality and durability.

In the campaign moments of comfort came to life through a new beloved family––The Robinsons––who humorously demonstrate how Rheem water heaters power everyday moments, 365 days a year. The Goods team worked to ensure their creative storytelling felt natural within streaming platforms and traditional channels. To mirror the series that audiences would be watching online and to tap into culture, Goods took a sitcom-like approach to the work that also highlighted the functional benefits of Rheem water heaters.

The Goods team also incorporated the following when crafting the creative strategy:

  • Characters that feel like real people, each with their own personality traits and characteristics that feel true to the brand: smart, durable, innovative.
  • Family members from different age groups to show how Rheem transcends generations through the brand’s longevity.
  • The authenticity of a diverse family with unique and relatable personalities.

To support the campaign, Goods & Services developed :30s, :15s and :.06s TVC spots that are running across broadcast and various streaming platforms. The campaign extends into digital via display advertising and social content across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All content drives to a new landing page for the brand, designed and written by the agency to promote the campaign and key supporting products while offering consumers the ability to connect with a local Rheem professional.

The spots were produced and directed by Goods & Services.

We could not be more pleased with what the Goods & Services team crafted for Rheem’s largest-ever consumer campaign,”said Scott Cohen Director, Marketing & Training at Rheem. “Developing a creative campaign for a legacy brand that has not traditionally communicated directly with consumers is a challenging endeavor, but the Goods & Services team brought such thoughtfulness and talent to the table, and the results are exceptional. All of us at Rheem are appreciative of their creativity and hard work.”

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Founded in 1925, Rheem is America’s #1 water-heating brand with products available in more than 80 countries. Paloma Co., Ltd.® of Nagoya, Japan, acquired the iconic Rheem brand in 1988. Today the company’s portfolio of premium brands include Rheem, Intergas,  Friedrich, Raypak®, Ruud®, Eemax®, Richmond®, Splendid®, Solahart® and EverHot™ as well as commercial refrigeration brands Russell®, Witt®, ColdZone® and Kramer®, which are part of the Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG®) division.

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