DeSano: You may have the universe if I may have Italy


More than just another pizza joint.

These guys love pizza, and man, when you eat at DeSano it’s casual and a culinary event. Fresh ingredients are flown in weekly from Napoli and Campania Italy. Master bakers expertly cook their pizzas in beautiful wood-burning ovens for a quick 90 seconds. Whether you're in LA, Nashville, or Austin when you take your first bite you'll be transported to Italy, if only for the duration of you meal. After we enjoyed our first DeSano pizza experience, we knew they deserved a brand that was designed with the same level of love and craftsmanship they put into their pizza.

What We Did

  • Logo
  • Brand Book
  • Signage
  • Package Design
  • Menu Design
  • Website

Crafting the Logo

We wanted to design a logo that felt like it belonged to a neighborhood pizza joint, not a big corporate franchise. But it also needed to flex and scale. Based on application, we created multiple logo variations to select from. The logo system easily constructs and deconstructs to best fit its context. We designed it to scale up to huge outdoor signs and down to fit something as small match book. The DeSano log can also be fabricated from many different materials, some of which include applications on glass, steel, wood, screen prints on boxes, and even a simple rubber stamp. But it will always carry with it a consistent personality and attitude that is unmistakingly DeSano.
Primary Logo
Logo Alternates
Restaurant Front Concept
Typographic treatments

The Foundation

From logo usage to marketing materials, we created a brand book with lots of visual artifacts to inspire the thoughtful and creative execution of the DeSano brand.

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