Creating an identity and design system for Glint’s annual summit.

This one-of-a-kind gathering brings together HR leaders to share experiences, practical ideas, and innovative people success strategies. Pros discuss how to transform from traditional, HR-led programs to more real-time, scalable, and people-driven strategies and leave feeling inspired and empowered to create meaningful change at their organization.

What We Did

  • Logo
  • Brand Identity System
  • Way Finding Signage
  • Email Newsletter
  • Website
  • Print Collateral

Picking up on Glint’s name we designed the Summit’s logo to mimic a triangular prism because prisms refract and direct light. This harnessing of light was a powerful metaphor for the Glint Summit’s purpose.

Primary Logos

Pattern Design

Tagline & location imagery

Visual Identity System

The Glint Summit identity was designed to stand on its own separate from the Glint, Inc. corporate brand. But we wanted it to harken back to the company’s core attributes so we leveraged the parent brand’s color palette and font system so that they felt like they came from the same hand. In the system we play with two visual motifs – one relates to light and color, the other to the triangle shapes. Using these two devices we create a series of graphic and photo based expressions.

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