IEX hijacks the big game


IEX is the third largest stock exchange in the US, with roughly 1% awareness.

In order to raise awareness and understanding for IEX and its unique tech, we designed a marketing strategy and a swag line of tangible goods to help promote their intangible products.

For the first chapter, we wanted to get the word out about IEX’s liquidity. IEX enjoys the most consistent liquidy compared to NYSE Nasdaq. It only made sense to put that liquidity in people’s hands. So, we created a beer.

What We Did

  • Brand Planning & Strategy
  • Product Naming
  • Package Design
  • Multi-Year Brand Awareness Campaign
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Influencer Kits

By the Numbers

  • 02Two :30 second spots
  • 05Online teasers
  • 0Days to shoot
  • 12Days to launch

Brewing Liquidity

Goods & Services partnered with Good Word Brewing to brew a deliciously balanced citrus hop IPA.

We named the beer, designed the label, and partnered with brokers to help taste test the official beer of IEX.

Ads for the Big Game

We had the beer, now we needed the beer ads. “Superbowl” ads to be precise.

We didn't just create a spot, we created a campaign called "stock up responsibly." Our videos were unique in that they leaned in to the general cheesiness of “stock” footage to get across our message of transparency in a refreshing way. They cut through the noise of typical beer commercials and made a big splash. People loved them.

Social Media / Influencer Kits

We teased the beer and had fun with other beer brands. Then we delivered the beer to key clients, including Goldman Sachs, UBS, J.P.Morgan, Jefferies, and others.



Views across Buyside and Sellside email blasts, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube


Organic Youtube views with no promotion whatsoever


Production budget for over 15 pieces of video content distributed Thurs - Sun throughout the big game

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