KEH: Developing a brand with soul


KEH was seeking increased awareness and affinity, to help fuel the business’ ambitious growth.

KEH is the worlds largest market for used photo and video gear. They have a strong reputation with fantastic reviews from devoted fans. But low awareness was limiting growth, and marketing communications have been competing largely on price and discounts without the benefits of strong brand equity. So, we helped KEH discover and communicate the heart and soul of their brand.

What We Did

  • Mission, Purpose & Values
  • Experience Principles
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Personality
  • Logo Design
  • Visual Identity System
  • Messaging & Tone of Voice
  • Brand Collateral

Shaping the Foundation

KEH is known for its history, quality, selection, and service. These advantages stem from a team of dedicated employees that are not just selling camera gear, they are skilled and passionate camera lovers themselves. They have a natural understanding of what photographers and camera lovers need and a desire to help them achieve it. We sharpened this into a sense of purpose that celebrates cameras, expression, and the photographic community.

“The new branding has become a part of our culture. It's how we live and operate. You gave us a solid foundation on which to build and it's part of everything we do, from performance reviews to our packaging.”

Jon Safran, President & CEO, KEH Camera

Crafting the Logo

We re-designed KEH’s logo, inspired by the machined brand marks on older camera bodies that symbolize trust and quality. A versatile logo, it can be used as a word mark, stamp or seal to further communicate the quality and craftsmanship associated with every piece of equipment that KEH grades and repairs.

Visual Identity System

The visual identity system furthers the look of the logo with customized grading marks, icons, and graphics. The colors include KEH’s distinctive orange, along with a neutral palette that helps photography stand out, as well as a vibrant palette for layouts that draw attention and allows greater expression. The primary typeface is full of personality and stands out from the competition. It is supported by a secondary and monospaced typeface that reinforces the graphic look and adds texture.

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