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A new way for a new world, NearShore technology provides a better alternative to offshoring.

Goods & Services was hired to rebrand NearShore Technology and position them for their next evolution of hyper-growth. We created a new logo and visual identity system, brand guidelines, print collateral, and advertising campaign, all capturing the functional and emotional benefits of working with a company whose mission is to add value.

What We Did

  • Logo
  • Print Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Trade show booth
  • Website

Crafting the Logo

The identity system needed to connect the international feel of a global company to the warmth and color you can only experience in Mexico – where most of the NearShore Family lives and works. We designed a round logo that references a globe that connects two worlds. The logo is simple but has dimension and was designed to imply a sense of motion – one can almost see it rotating.
Primary Logos
Logo Alternate

Visual Identity System

We selected Avant Garde Demi as their signature font because its geometric qualities complemented their new circle-based logo. The color system and textures were inspired by visits to the NearShore offices in Merida and Puebla, MX. We leveraged a point-and-shoot photography style to ensure NearShore always felt authentic and real. And we created all of the touch points that mattered most – even a coffee cup to remind people that when NearShore’s coffee-time matched their clients coffee-time everyone wins.

Advertising Campaign

Long flights, midnight phone calls, lack of IP protection, high team turnover, we crafted an advertising campaign that utilized humor to remind IT buyers of the pain they’ve likely felt when outsourcing their tech development to far away lands like India and China. We also created an in-depth marketing book that helped promote the positive reasons NearShore could deliver a better experience – a new way for a new world.

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