SMC3 lets numbers tell the story


A Timeless Expedition Through Time

SMC3 — a leading data and solutions company in the freight industry — was in the process of building a new corporate headquarters in Atlanta. They approached us to help them produce a digital display wall in their lobby. Of course, we jumped at the chance to tell the story of their 80-year legacy.

What We Did

  • Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Graphics

By the Numbers

  • 2On-site experiences
  • 32Pieces of content
  • 9.6kHorizontal pixels
  • 3Landscape Loops

A Visually Gripping Experience

SMC3 is obsessed with numbers. For them, numbers signify results that people can count on. Knowing that, we decided to combine stats, figures, and company milestones to create a smart clock of sorts. Using multiple screens, we employed animated graphics and text to get to the heart of SMC3, what they have accomplished over their history, and where they are going.

In short, we let numbers tell the story.

Moments in Time

The clock triggers specific milestones transitioning from stats, dates, figures, and metrics.

A Warm Welcome

The welcome area of any office space is of utmost importance. It is the first place visitors get to see and experience. We saw this as a great opportunity to make the right impression and set the tone for the new building. Customization and visitor interaction was the name of the game.

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